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Translators - Those who can translate video content from Korean to English. Proficiency with both languages is required. (Also looking for English to Spanish) Timers - Those who can take the translations and time them to the video. Basic understanding of Korean is necessary to match the translations accurately. Typesetters - Those who can make sure that the subtitles are properly formatted, so they are legible and match the onscreen korean text in terms of style. Quality Check - Those who verify that the final file matches the team's format and there are little to no mistakes. Encoder/Uploader - Those who upload the finished video to TANsubs video portals or send the finished subtitle file to THINK, and upload notification for others.
We are looking for the following positions: Translator (Korean to English) Translator (English to Spanish) Quality Checker
No. We do not get paid. We do it to help fans who do not understand Korean better connect with TAN's content.
There are 12 people on the team.

FAQ- Our videos

You can watch the content we have provided subtitles for here.
We provide subtitles in English. Whenever possible we also provide subtitles in Spanish, Persian and Turkish.
No, we are NOT affiliated with THINK Entertainment. However, we do communicate with them regarding questions for accuracy in our subtitles. Also our subtitles are accepted to be added to videos on their official channel.
If there is a video that you would like to have us provide subtitles for please fill in this form and we will see what we can do.
You may use edits, but please do not crop our logo.
We will not provide our srts. You may translate our work. However, if you would like to translate regularly in a language we do not provide, please feel free to contact us.
No. Our team works very hard on our subtitles. Please do NOT reupload our videos. You are more than welcome to link or embed them.